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Síndrome coleccionista: ¿Porqué un abrazo debe durar más de seis segundos?


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mad tea party

ammonition: Alice in Wonderland Decal “We’re All Mad Here” by AfterNineToFive (Etsy)

Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you. . . This reminds me of your chalkboard lettering a few weeks ago!

33 Wonderful DIY Typographic Wall Art Ideas

Because I may have already posted this, maybe as a part of a combination of a bunch of things by this artist, but I like this one on its own...

SOPPY, a New Book by Illustrator Phillipa Rice

PADBS+1.jpeg (1600×1279)

Most of the animated scenes featuring Perdita from show her as a caring mother to her pups. Frank Thomas animated this.

Nisso vocês exultam, ainda que agora, por um pouco de tempo, devam ser entristecidos por todo tipo de provação. 1 Pedro 1:6

God in 1 Peter you said Be truly glad, there is wonderful joy ahead. Thank you for the joy you give us and the promise of wonderful things that you promise. Thank you for granting us the desires of our heart. In Jesus name, Amen.