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Traditional banjara dress...banjara, banjara, banjara!!!!

Beautiful NATURAL wide feet from a lifetime of being barefoot. All feet should like like this as we age. * A gypsy grandma in a Banjara Village.*

I grew up in a neighborhood with the Lambadis (Indian Gypsies in India) as our neighbors ... fascinating people! Good thing I was on their good side!

Banjara Gypsy Woman in Goa by Rachel Devenish Ford

I have to have some gypsy in my soul. This calls to me even though I know full well I would never survive without my shower and air conditioning and, and, and.....

I dunno. I just find that gypsy clothes are cool to wear.

The Exotic Down And Outs Of Victorian London- These fascinating black and white pictures taken by photographer John Thompson show the reality of existence in the 1800s when photography was in its infancy. In 1876 he set out with writer Adolphe Smith and together the pair spoke to people and the shots were later published in magazine, Street Life in London.

. . . my dog died - my horse ran away and then my woman left me. Sounds like the latest - "County & Western" song. (Am I being punked?)