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    aside from using her toe as an actual toe ring, her pinky toenail is creeping me out.



    Not Kim Kardashian's best choice in shoes while pregnant. Evil step sister status from Cinderella. I laughed entirely too hard at this.



    rule #22 : always wear sunscreen

    Hahahah I told a lie, but had my toes crossed.

    It looks a little like seeing somebody's feet through a kaleidoscope, but it's the feet of a Chinese boy who was born with 15 fingers and 16 toes. Don't worry, he's fine (he since had surgery to remove the extra appendages).


    Chris Walton, known as The Dutchess, drinks coffee with fingernails stretching and curving from her hands like a tangle of spaghetti. Meet the 45-year-old grandmother with the world's longest fingernails. This Las Vegas singer and musician stopped cutting her fingernails 18 years ago and now her nails have reached a total of 20 feet. Her amazing dedication to her nails has been officially recognised by the 2012 edition of the Guinness Record Book.

    Ok...well, who's feeding her tonight?

    Asses come in all shapes and sizes. And some look like this.

    longest toe nails just say no to the toe...disgusting...what size shoe does she wear now outside of the obvious flip flop?

    World’s 10 Strangest Pair of Shoes --whoever designed these should have his ankles broke.


    Oh my...