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In seven states atheists are prohibited from holding public office. Most are in the south. Surprise!

This Group Faces Shocking Discrimination Based On Their Beliefs About God

Atheists Face Discrimination On A Shocking Level. I predict-believe-HOPE, that the 3 idiotic abrahamic religions will pass into the history books.

Religion — an unending source of Irony.

Some people just don't know when to quit arguing. Christians are a silent majority? ~ That's so laughable. They are the biggest bunch of whiners EVER!

Finally I would be so happy!!! so many useless idiots GONE!!

If you have a Bible (NOT the King James) read Revelation chapter 16 for a picture of life after the rapture.

How to suck at your religion

How to suck at your religion

How to suck at your religion - The Oatmeal Please go read the entire comic. It's quite funny. All things Oatmeal are funny.

Family Business Jehovah

Yup Family Business Jehovah

This sounds like some rotten family business I don't want to get involved in

HELL. take me there.

As an atheist, more and more I feel that if religion just so happened to be real, I'd much more prefer spending an eternity in hell like this.

Never have I been so sure of this as after the humane society decided to take my brother's kennel down. So many lies put out there. Breaks my heart to hear people saying what a monster he is when they have no idea what really happened.

Tax the churches!

WTF Randomness 4.0

Look at all we can do with the tax money churches get out of paying

Probably didn’t say it ever!

Just after giving us 15 (drops third stone tablet), I mean 10 commandments.