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How to Get Flexible Fast with Yoga, 7 Simple Steps

Get Flexible FAST with Yoga, 7 Simple Steps |


Egg in a Bottle Activity

Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: The Incredible Flexible Egg Experiment. In this experiment, a hard-boiled egg will fit through an impossibly small opening with the help of only a few matches. Your child will be amazed, and you'll be teaching her how seemly impossible acts are anything but—with the help of a little science!

Stretches. One pinner said: This looks fun. Hope I don't die trying this lol This pinner says: I am so going to die trying this.


Feel Stronger and Sexier With This Arm-Sculpting Yoga Sequence

Arm-sculpting yoga sequence — it's just 8 poses.

How to do a Door Frame Stretch! Great for leg and back flexibility! Slide your leg up the door frame, I would suggest using a sock or cloth to help your leg slide! Your bottom foot can be right next to the frame or farther out depending in your flexibility, farther out is harder and works hyper extensions! Once your up and comfy don't be afraid to push with your arms and play with arm placement! I would be sure to do an ab workout after to help back soreness! (This is me) -brennadearly

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bridge variation | yoga

awesome way to open the heart!, this is fascinating. Not sure one could do/ undo this easily, though.

Origins of Yoga It is a little-known fact that Yoga first began in Africa, specifically Kemet (ancient Egypt). Yoga, which means union, is for everybody. I would like to see people of African descent reclaim this ancient holistic practice for themselves and incorporate it into their modern lives.