aw, couldn't resist this little piglet!!

One more sloth because his nose is cute.

Begging For My Love? Of Course You Have It All My Wittle Piggie

Cute Baby Piglets! @Michele Morales Morales Morales Almeda @Jaden Johnston Johnston Johnston Lutes @Linda Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Almeda @Jess Pearl Pearl Liu Almeda


A mini donkey. Ack!

Richard better get one of this adorable piglets for me right now. <3

SOOOO CUTE!!! <3 <3


Too cute ~ piggy and her little cuddle pig


"Piggies! It is so thoughtful of you to come calling on the chickens today; however, I'm quite sure your mother doesn't know you are out of your little pen. There just might be a time-out for you before the morning is over." For: Linda

Just because

heart heart heart

the most cute mini piglet!!!

oh my gosh this is so cute!