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  • Leigh-ellen Ryan

    teacup pig! why are baby piggies so freakin cute!

  • Karen Cosgrove

    Baby Piggy ♥ Yes its weird but I have loved baby pigs since I was very little! I would herd them with sticks at my aunts house in the country lol

  • Hans Pedersen

    Little piglet! #Piggy #Animal

  • With Causes Charitable Network

    Baby mini pig - provides funding & support, working directly with animal rights groups, animal shelters, and the communities around the US each year helping to fight against animal cruelty & abuse. They accept all sorts of donated items; collectibles, vehicles, real estate, aircraft & more. Take advantage of tax deductible donations while supporting a worthy cause.

  • Elisa Whitman

    Little pig! cutest animal ever!!!

  • Rachel Veith

    piggy!! I'm having a pet pig. Done.

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