Great shot

Doing this for 7 month shot.

Love this family image.

so precious!!

6 months

Fun family photo idea.... I wonder if I can get my cat to sit still to make this picture..... probably not : /

6 months

My sister with her little girl Amery's and her husband.

GREAT posing here! Protects the mom from that post-pregnancy flab insecurity, gives the baby a good and natural pose and highlights the relationship between each of the people in this photo

family photo

Oh my, what a sweet blissful moment! LOVE!!

6 months baby pictures

@Caitlin Burton Sleeman... this folder is for inspiration for our photo shoot next month!

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mother father and one year old baby boy outside urban setting walking away from behind baby steps baby

New Family Corner shot.

family pictures with old truck - Might have to do this with Jacobs truck in a couple months:)

6 months

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Photo idea for Fall pictures with baby. Just gotta bring in my girls and it would be perfect!

6 month babies