Dear Puppy, You look like a PIG!!! It is ADORABLE!!! piggy!!! Frenchies...they sound like a cross between a Grown man and a pig when they sleep. lol

Baby bulldog

j veux le même



You called?

Baby and puppies - adorable :)


=Love these bulldogs....

Move over Kittenster, there's a new hipster in town! Crew length sock with bulldogs rocking some glasses. Available in Black or Seaglass. Fits women's shoe size 5-10.

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

cutest thing ever

Once glance like that, and it would be impossible for me not give this immeasurably darling little French Bull Dog Puppy whatever they desired. #cute #dogs #French #bulldog #Frenchie #puppy #animals #pets





So, i really tried not to pin ANY adorable animal pics----but I gave in with this little slice of precious!

someone's been good... #treats #frenchie #puppy

According to the United Kennel Club, English Bulldogs are characterized by: "The English Bulldog has an equable and kind disposition; and is resolute and courageous. The characteristic demeanor is one of peace and dignity. These attributes are evident in the expression and behavior of the breed." Fits a women's shoe size 6-8.5.

Awww.... I need this puppy! :)