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cute puppy!!!i should try this with my going to try this with my dads work shoe

Such a cutie! ( looks almost exactly like our Luna)

Well this totally made me think of my Grandma, between the Doxie key holder and the owl....RIP.

Oh my gosh!! Look at his puppy belly and big paws! Cutest thing EVER! My Bruno looked just like this...

uhh!! This looks like the stuffed "Sir Jack" I got for Mark bc he wanted a puppy but he lived in the dorms. I want this real one!! (:

Our little guy's due in 4 days... Fingers crossed, Puppy Fever!!!

It looked like a doxie in a Dixie, but I think it's a wiener going Solo.

German Shepherd pups make my heart melt.... but don't let the cuteness fool you... they are naughty little guys!

My soul is bleeding a little.... A puppy and a kitten adopt each other…