she's here or "It's A" would be cute here

Birth announcement

Birth Announcements

I see so many cool ideas and great products now that I'm DONE having kids. The next best thing is that they can be used on my future nieces and nephews!

Cute birth announcement!! YES!

Baby activities by the month, birth to age two ~ This truly is a great list with lots of developmental activities.

Birth Announcement

What a cute idea for a birth announcement picture! I gotta make one of these onesies!

Birth announcements

adoption announcement

birth announcement

These announcements are soo cute.

I think this is what I've decided for the birth announcement.

Adorable baby announcement #baby

Timeline of Baby and Toddler Sleep I always seem to forget what's normal at each age. This is an EXCELLENT resource for a quick reminder as to what a normal sleeping habit is from birth thru toddlerhood

I like these! Especially since they have multiple photos.

Cute idea

Hah! Awesome pregnancy announcement