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Wishful thinking

Aww. The Cuteness!


sweet baby elephant pillow. Baby will know the joys of the body pillow! #babyshower




Wishful thinking

Frenchie!! I'm getting one soon enough!

. boutique for the modern baby & kid your guide to stylish mommyhood



I knew there was a Easter Bunny!!!

Love this: Awesome work from Carrie Small Photography

have them hold just one balloon then every year do the same picture but add a balloon for their age.

BoHo Chic Baby! How Adorable!

Little girl and Camel singing or screaming.

When I have kids, I shall have a MULTITUDE of pictures of them like this. I'll probably go completely over the top, but I won't care, because I'll have my very own piece of sunshine to cuddle and adore day in and day out.

But old age, grand kids ECt. Sorry. Just random thoughts! We will matter in 50 years(period).... In 50 years what we do now to move on, it will all be but a memory. This is beautiful! Thank you! Your welcome! It makes me cry to think that it could not happen that way(us together). I've seen so many people in love these days, I see and hear it everywhere. And I want that, I have that. I won't let it go:). I'm such a weird softy these days lol:/.... I cry at the most random moments. Lol... Just thought it was a new perspective.... More long term. Not so short term now!


life is so beautiful

#cute #cat #cats #catcollection #meow #animals #cuteanimals

bottoms up!

too sweet