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  • Crystal Panganiban

    #Photography #Kid #Child #Toddler #Cute #Kitty #Kitten #Boy #Adorable #Hug #Kiss #Cuddle #Love #Animal #Pet #Young

  • Matt

    cute boy with cat / animal best friends, black and white photography

  • Clare Belmonte

    This is how one deserves to be kissed goodnight, not as a kitten being embraced by the little boy but kissed with a love as genuine and innocently adoring as this boy is displaying his love for his pet

  • Jarrod Ledner

    Little #lovely kid #baby girl #Cute Baby #baby boy|

  • Leila Robertstein

    Baby Names for Boys inspired by Animals #parents #pregnancy #parenting #cute #adorable #cat #pets #kiss cute

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Hard to believe of myself, but just keeping my kids alive, and cleaning up things like snot and vomit and diarrhea without gagging, and being able to help them smile when they're sad, and being strong when they're hurting - this makes me a superhero.

25 Rules for Mothers of Sons I am not a mother of boys but am a teacher of boys and know these things to be very true... brought a tear to my eyes and I'm not even their mother! To all you moms of sons, I applaud you. It's no easy task, but so important and so worth it.

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