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The Splendours of Serbia’s Past :: Balkan Insight the palace of the Spitzer family in Beočin, became ghost houses – in this case after the family abandoned its cement factory stake following the outbreak of World War II. The land was nationalised and since then the palace has operated as a library, sport club office, radio station, home for veterans and a restaurant. The palace was completely abandoned about a decade ago and is just a skeleton today.

Officiele en nuttige informatie, lokaal adverteren in Sint-Truiden, Aalst, Brustem, Engelmanshoven, Gelinden, Groot-Gelmen, Halmaal, Kerkom-bij-Sint-Truiden, Ordingen, Zepperen, Duras, Gorsem, Runkelen, Wilderen en Velm via Het Prikbord van Belgie. Weet je een interessante site die je zelf zou toevoegen, stuur een mail naar

Chateau Notenboom II This beautifull mansion was the home for a german couple who fled Germany during the war. They lived in peace in Belgium and after the war the returned to their home in Germany and left this mansion behind. Since then nature is slowly claiming it back.