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Confessions of a Nurse

What's even crazier is I asked infection control about this at my hospital and they said that there isn't evidence that "disgusting-ness" (for lack of a better word) is carried around on our shoes.let's just say cavi-wipes are my best friend : )


I've literally seen parents let kids sprawl out on the ER floor and it makes me die a little bit inside. I've also seen a parent let a child eat a Cheeto off the floor of a MRSA patients room.

Bat shit crazy.

I am officially proficient a diagnosing bat shit crazy. Actually pretty much every patient and their family member is this.

20 Pharmacology Nursing Flashcards | Nursebuff Always good to refresh your memory with some of these..

Dont even know the bottom two meds. Shows how much i need to study 20 Pharmacology Nursing Flashcards

Hepatitis                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Information about Viral Hepatitis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C _Table of Contents

When I worked full time, this was the case

night shift: this is so true! I haven't worked night shift in a year and a half and I'm still hungry in the middle of the night

....I have been to 10 specialists, had numerous tests and no one can diagnose me, what do you think it is?

Most of the time I don't mind too much:). I try to remember that sometimes I call my nurse friends and ask them questions I already know the answer to just because when it comes to your own kids or yourself you become instantly stupid.


Nursing nursing-stuff Heather-- I'm very proud of you for the choices you have made - I love you mom

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Sleep With A Nurse

47 Medical-Surgical Nursing Flashcards & Memory Aids -- this looked useful for notebook of reminders at work

Real, anonymous confessions written by nurses, for nurses.

A genuine smile from a "difficult" patient is enough to make the entire shift feel worthwhile. True for anyone who works in healthcare


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