Sea shells

Reclaimed Wood Seashell Cross by MyHoneypickles on Etsy

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Beach shells to Christmas ornament! Simple keepsake. Write the year and the name of the beach.

Seahorse artwork made of sea glass and shells. "Shell Designs" is the team of Mary Bromberger Bowles and Kerrie Ostrowski Bromberger. All seashells, seaglass and sea life used to create our art and crafts are genuine, natural and non-endangered.

Not sure what to do with all those shells you collected from vacation? Pick one of your favorites and turn it into a DIY seashell necklace!

Sea shell wreath

Sea shells

This guide is about sea shell wind chimes. A fun project that can include an adventure collecting shells at the beach.


Shells are glued onto cardboard. For more shell hearts, click here:


This would be a fun thing to do with those seashell collections from vacations. Set of 4 Tiles of your choice. $320.00, via Etsy.


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Beach decor seashell letters.

Cleaning and restoring colors in seashells