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Juno "Your little girlfriend gave me the stink eye in art class yesterday"

Juno, love that part

"I try really hard, actually" Juno (2007) Movie Quotes #juno2007 #moviequotes

The many relatable faces of Nick Miller.

Crazy Stupid Love.

New Girl! Love this part and the part that comes after.... he looks soo much hotter with that beard!!

breakfast club

Pitch Perfect

Bring it on. This is popular because it is stereotyping how cheerleaders act but yet cheerleaders still idolize this movie. This says that Americans society is accepting that cheerleader are dumb, and this is stereotyping. This is shaping society because people believe stereotyping is okay.

Satan's panties!

Juno "I don't really know what kind of girl I am"

Juno (2007) Movie Quotes #juno2007 #moviequotes

Juno (2007) Movie Quotes #juno2007 #moviequotes

Rip robin Williams, one of my favorite movies was mrs.doubtfire you will be missed greatly! 💜

Juno. I will never forget this movie because it just doesn't let you.

Love Juno, love Ellen Page, love this line!

10 things i hate about you

Juno (2007) Movie Quotes #juno2007 #moviequotes

Juno (2007) This is one of those rare movies I could watch over and over again.

"they already are, Squints!" this will always be one of my favorite movies to watch during the summer! THE SANDLOT<3