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Top 5 Social Media Platforms Your Business Should Use

Here are the Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Business Here is an infographic with the top 5 Social Media Platforms for Business.

inforgraphic_Email_Opens_by_time_of_day.    Good tactical info on scheduling your email campaigns.  One consideration not mentioned is phone/chat coverage.  With such a high % of openings coming shortly after sending, take into account the availability & capacity of your staffing so you don't create spikes that cannot be serviced properly.

Email open rates by the time of day infographic. Great stuff if you want to quickly look at the best time of the day to send out your email marketing campaigns. inforgraphic_Email_Opens_by_time_of_day

6 mitos sobre las Redes Sociales

6 mitos sobre las Redes Sociales #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

How-to-Thrive-on-Social-Media-With-Images [Social Marketing Writing]

Cómo prosperar en la Social Media con imágenes

of shoppers make their buying decisions based on visual factors associated with the social media brand posts! 'How to thrive on social media with images' by Social Marketing Writing

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How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your site

SOCIAL MEDIA - 30 Reasons Why Will Rule Social Media in 2014 use social media to market yourself and learn tools towards getting a job!

An early appraisal of Social Media trends for 2014 [ CaptainMarketing.com ] #socialmedia #online #marketing

An early appraisal of Social Media trends for 2014 [ CaptainMarketing.com ] #socialmedia #online #marketing

The use of Twitter hashtags can increase your tweet's reach. These 20 entrepreneurial Twitter hashtags will make sure like-minded people see what you tweet.

Popular Twitter Hashtags For Entrepreneurial Rock Stars [Infographic]

10 Rules That Every Business Needs To Know Before They Post On Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram - #infographics #socialmedia

How to Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest - infographic

How to run a successful Facebook campaign

How to Run a Successful Ad Campaign for Your Small Business - - Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!

Dimensión de las imágenes en la publicidad en redes sociales - Social Media Ads

Форма бесплатной регистрации в закрытый раздел

How To Format The Perfect Social Media Ads: A 2014 Cheat Sheet (Infographic) image FLI Infographic Social ads cheat sheet

The Best WordPress Plugins

The Best WordPress Plugins