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Halloween Party Games - since my son will be born around Halloween, I should accept that these games may be part of his birthday parties.

Halloween Party Games - paint tin cans, stack, add a ball - throw out the fun!

Pumpkin Roll • Determine a starting line and a finish line. • Set 2 pumpkins on their sides at the start and have the racers line up behind them. • At “Go,” each pair of challengers uses sturdy brooms to propel the pumpkins over the finish line.

Pop goes the Pumpkin! We can make this one for the 6 and up kids. Fill them up with tickets or candy and/or confetti, etc. Supposed to use T pins or darts .... not sure if we trust them with darts? =)

country ghost halloween party game

Halloween Party Games and Activities... Drinking game? Each hole is a different shot?

More kids Halloween games, cute idea with the refrigerator box for the bowling lane