lemon trees

Relaxing under the lemon trees. Love the oversized pots and the color scheme of the steps / elegantly curved bench / planters. I envision a beautiful pool beneath.

Lemon tree for Container Gardening---would love to have a lemon tree myself

Lemon Tree for Container Gardening. Growing this lemon tree has a few challenges because the heat of the Summer season can quickly dry out the pot. Especially in the rustic looking terra cotta pots. We’ve since transplanted it into the glazed pot seen in


Casa ostenta ‘a melhor vista do Rio’


Classic Courtyard with French bistro style white garden furniture and simple clean styling.


I would so like this in my yard to cool off after gettin all glistenin after workin in the yard!) Or after pickin figs or peaches to get the fuzzies & itchies off! ♥ up a brass pipe and shower head with a brass hose fitting