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Homemade Mosquito Repellant - just 3 ingredients!

Homemade Mosquito Repellant - just 3 ingredients! 15 drops of Lavender Essential drop of Citronella essential oil, 3 – 4 Tbsp Homemade Vanilla Extract, Tbsp. Lemon Juice or drops of Lemon Essential Oil Put in a spray bottle and top up with water!

Picnicking Not Panicking: NaBloPoMo

Picnicking Not Panicking: NaBloPoMo

Combine in a 16 oz bottle: 15 drops lavender oil Tbsp of vanilla extract Cup lemon juice. Fill bottle with water.

Mosquito yard spray - homemade from 3 ingredients cheap blue mouthwash, Epson salt, &  stale cheep beer ......omg lol lets see if this works !

MOSQUITO YARD SPRAY: cheap mouthwash, 3 c Epsom salt, 3 cans of stale, cheap beer. Mix until salt is dissolved. Spray anywhere you sit outside, won't harm plants. Mosquitoes gone for approx. From Paul Harvey segment years ago.


Vick's VapoRub - WWII Tips and Tricks. This is a wonderful item that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet, The tips and tricks listed are just some of Vick's uses.

So much better than collars and those sprays!!

Natural tick repellent recipe with essential oils. I know they don't like Rose Geranium either, so I will add that essential oil too. Along with Neem oil. Just pulled a tick off Belle, eeek

Take that mosquitos!- Mosquito trap - Cut the top off a 2 liter bottle. Invert the cone and place it inside the straight part of the bottle. Glue the two pieces together. Add 1 tsp yeast and 1/2 cup sugar to some luke warm water, and pour the mixture into the bottle. Mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you exhale. The yeast feeds off the sugar and emits the same gas, so the mosquito enters the bottle, thinking she will find food there.

A mosquito trap! I'm going to try it this summer and see if it works. A mosquito trap! I'm going to try it this summer and see if it works. A mosquito trap! I'm going to try it this summer and see if it works.

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I need mint and lavender planted around my house 5 Best Homemade Mosquito and Insect Repellent insects camping diy diy ideas easy diy bugs tips life hacks all natural camping hacks good to know repellent repellents

Every summer, I end up with at least one fruit fly infestation. It starts out innocently enough -- I'll notice a fruit fly or two buzzing around a bunch of bananas on the kitchen counter. They're a...

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies take a wide mouth jar and fill it — of the way full with apple cider vinegar. (No other vinegar will work, btw. It has to be apple cider vinegar.) Add a few drops of dish soap, then fill the rest of the jar with wat

The best wasp/yellowjacket repellant for summer picnics: 2 ounces of mint extract.  2 ounces peppermint extract.  10 ounces rubbing alcohol.  Pour ingredients into spray bottle and label.  Spray down picnic area and play area.  The mint is neurotoxic to bees and wasps.  Somehow they know to stay away, but if you spray it on them directly it can also kill them.

2 ounces of mint extract. into spray bottle: Spray down picnic area etc: bees/wasp stay away, spray on them directly it kills them.