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Phonemic Awareness is such an integral part to reading and writing. Unfortunately, many teachers skip over teaching this, but the truth is that it's just as important as learning phonics! Check out these 9 hands-on ways to help children learn to segment and blend words, and watch your children become confident readers with strong decoding and spelling skills!

FREEBIE!! This FREE set will help your students develop important phonemic awareness skills. Included in this set are sound boxes for 2,3,or 4 sounds; one set has color-coded boxes (green,yellow,red), while the other has white boxes. There is also a complete set on a "stretchy" snake, if you choose to use this set.

Tape Elkonin Boxes on the floor to practice breaking words into sounds! A fun way to build gross motor skills and phonemic awareness, Students can hop across sounds and then slide across the arrow as they blend the sounds together. Read the blog post for more fun ideas for this activity! A Peach for the Teach