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DIY: How to Recycle Paper into a Basket | DIY Simple Newspaper Weave Basket

Baskets woven from waste paper - what a neat idea! ~ created by Emilia Majek I have 66 magazines, 300 newspapers. Today is a DIY kind of day.

#DIY Color Wheel Trivets. #coloreveryday I've definitely kept Tree branch bits beforre because of how cool I thought they were. Now I have something to use them for next time. :)

I've made these with fabric before, but paper? Yes! Store receipt paper? Even better!

Map Coaster - DIY: Repurpose all those old National Geographic Maps you've been saving.

Mardi Gras coasters, or, house brighteners, or, the only craft under a dollar and an hour, or, I need something to do over spring break when all my friends go home.