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Sun Bleached

The Sun

The O'Jays

Magnet Letters

Alphabet Puzzle

Sunbleach Puzzle

Alphabet Ideas

Shapes Alphabet

Letters Shapes

Lay letters on paper in sun to create a matching game.

Outlining Letters

Brick Outlining

Outline Letters

Letters Fine

Letters With

2015 Letters

Letters Shapes

Tracing Letters

Fun Motor Skills

Outlining Letters- could also use with sight words, numbers, etc...

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Printable letters/numbers Playopediafrom Playopedia

Name Soup

Soup Letters

Letters Fish

Letters Mix

Alphabet Soup

Lowercase Letters

Names Kids

Children'S Names

Play Learning

Letter Learning

Letter Soup!!! Great Idea for letter learning!

Letter L Arts And Crafts

Letter L Activities For Kindergarten

Alphabet Crafts

Alphabet Letters

Letter L Projects For Preschool

Letter L Craft For Preschooler

Letter L Activities For Preschoolers

Print Letters

Lego Letters

The Letter L is for Lego: craft and activities

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Kindergarten Alphabet

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Kindergarten First Week Of School


LOVE! will do this with many letters... when students first walk in to the classroom they move their name to the side of the chart.


Q Tip Painting Alphabet Printables

Learning Letters

Letters Phonics

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Preschool Letters

Learning Activities

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Max Learning

Letter Q Crafts For Preschoolers

Sight Words Kindergarten Printables

Q Tip Painting Alphabet Printables (FREE).

Free Printable Bubble Letters

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Letter I

Ideas Printable

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Lettering For Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Board Letters Free Printables

Printable Bubble Letters

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Assessment For Learning

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Practicing Letters

Practice Letters

Learn Letters

10 Activities for Practicing Letters and Sounds

Second Story Windowfrom Second Story Window

mini busy bag exchange

Disney Preschool Crafts

Disney Learning Activities

Preschool Activities Sorting

Preschool Colors

Teaching Colors

Mickey Mouse Preschool

Keiki Activities

Educational Toddler Activities 18 Months

Quiet Center Preschool

Colored paper clip sorting

Stamp Alphabet

Letter Stamp

A Letter

Letter Sounds

Alphabet Misc

Magnet Letter

Letter Study

Alphabet Charts

Alphabet Theme

Draw a letter and stamp it--great matching game -- could do sight words too

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Preschool Alphabet

Toddler Preschool


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Turtle Crafts Preschool

Kindergarten Language Centres

Rock Letters! A great way to reinforce letters in a way that is interesting and relevant to children! With a Kindergarten Teacher's expert advice too.

Preschool Theme Transportation

Preschool Car Activities

Product Transportation

Transportation Matching

Kid Activties

Trucks Preschool

Transportation Community

Transportation Activities For Preschool

Vehicles Preschool

Truck letter match

Practicing Letters

Letter Practice

Learning Letters

Teaching Alphabet

Alphabet Trace

Teaching Atom

Alphabet Busy Bag

Practice Work

Practice Cards

Dry erase traceable letters..Great for restaurants or on-the-go!

Highlight Letters

Highlighting Letters

Recognition Center

Letter Recognition Games

A Letter

Letter Match

Letter Center

Lowercase Matching

Letter Sounds

ABC Highlights- Kids pull a card and highlight the letter. Cute center! :) Match upper to upper or lower to lower. First student to highlight all the letters wins.

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Preschool Literacy Center

Preschool Letters

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Fire Safety Activities For Kindergarten

Kindergarten Literacy Intervention

Pre School Classroom Set Up

Independent Work Stations

letter matching for intervention

Learning Letters

Kids Learning

Literacy Letters

Learning Activities

Family Literacy Night Activities

Auditory Sensory Activities

Ecs Literacy

Style Learning

Learning Letter Sounds

Letter sound bingo for hands on learning and reinforcement. This could also be used for reviewing numbers, letters, colors, shapes or sight words.

Colored Letters

Cut Letters

Laminated Letters

Lively Kindergarten

Kindergarten Spelling Words

Kindergarten Collaboration

Kindergarten Planning

Kindergarten Language Arts Centers

Kindergarten Word Work Centers

The kids dump them out on a table or on the floor and sort the letters by color. and then they spell each color word using the correct colored letters.

Writing Center Preschool Ideas

Preschool Literacy

Preschool Letters

Learning Letters

Learning Fun

Teaching Ideas

Hand Writing Without Tears Preschool

Early Literacy

Kindergarten Ideas

Build a letter puzzles

Nocturnal Animal Preschool

Preschool Owls

Gifted Preschool

Fall Art Kindergarten

Apple Art Preschool

Artsonia Art

Owl Classroom

Animals Owls

Night Animals

Owls made with a folded paper plate!

Colored Paperclips

Matching Paperclips

Preschool Skills

Preschool Colors

Preschool Ideas

Developmental Kindergarten

Preschool Fine

Skills Paper

Colour Matching

Fine motor skills, paper clips onto card. Can use for colour matching or counting