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    Unlocking a car with a tennis freakin way! this would've been useful this summer when I locked my keys in my car about a million times!

    "Ok, so unless it’s Mickey or Minnie, I don’t want a mouse in my house. Depending on where you live however, mice infestations may be unavoidable. If you live near fields or in rural areas you may occasionally have those little critters creeping into your otherwise pest-free home. Get Rid of Those Bothersome Mice – Without Paying a Professional"

    Unlock your car from the outside with a shoelace. WOW! Quick and easy and sure beats a slimjim!!

    OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! Transfer any image to anything (fabric and wood) using this process. Can you imagine the possibilities? I MUST REMEMBER THIS!

    from another pinner: "I just did this and it WORKS! Not once did it skip!!! And it was a bad DVD before hand."

    You won't believe how simple it is to clear this up WITHOUT a trip to the waiting room and a bill! Pinkeye Remedy! gonna repin this now, just incase it's needed later

    How to Escape from Zip Ties. Good to know, and probably a good thing to teach your kids as well

    Universal Magnetic Car Phone Holder- cool, wonder how well it works

    This website has all the uses for Magic Erasers that you don't know about! -- I already loved these things, now I love them even more.

    How To Unlock A Car Without The Key

    How to Pick a Lock Using a Paperclip: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

    How to stretch too-small shoes...and it's genius.

    Ok... I've been cooking for over 40 years - and I just discovered this trick a few days ago! DUH!

    10 Lifesaving Skills Everyone Should Know

    If you shop at Costco, you HAVE to pin this! Amazing tips on how to save money at Costco!! Way cool - just read this website.

    how to fix a bra. Wish I had known about this many bras ago.

    4 questions to ask at the end of an interview. - I'll probably be glad I repinned this later in life.

    Flight attendant shows you how to pack 10 days worth of clothes into a carry-on... i will be happy i pinned this next time i pack