Celtic heart knot.

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knots, knots, knots!

(I think this would make a cool necklace! mh) The celtic heart knot keyfob made for valentine by Everaert kris ..

heart knot

A website to show you how to make unusual knots. fusion knots.com/index.php

Double braid bracelet. this could be made into a cute headband as well.

Make a bracelet from a fork

heart pattern friendship bracelets

How to Tie the Fractal Sinnet by TIAT

Button Knot DIY.


How to crochet a heart

Hex nut bracelet with square knots

Diamond ring knot

wire heart pendant

como pulsera o correa bolso

A variety of simple macrame idea for teens and kids, or even adults! Perfect for SCA belts.

faux silver hearts

Squishy Celtic Knot Pillow -- sew 2 tubes of fabric out of one yard of 60" fabric:: length between 100"-120" each :: width about 6 inches - no need to add in a seam allowance as long as it's small (1/4") -------------- knot tubes side by side using Celtic knot tutorial

Heart wreath made out of a balloon and yarn.