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1950s teenage girl selecting music on coin-operated jukebox

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10 Fabulous Fads from the 1950s

The Twist, though associated with the era, actually came late to the party: It originated in a Hank Ballard song in 1959, but didn't capture the spotlight until 1960, when music juggernaut Dick Clark released a recording of it by 17-year-old singer Chubby Checker.


Fun Games To Teach Tough Violin Drills

For beginners, concepts of music can be a struggle for beginners, add some fun exercises to learn these most difficult concepts of music.

Teenagers rock ‘n’ rolling around the jukebox, 1950s.

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Spanish Movement Songs: First Verbs

Spanish movement songs to run, jump, dance, spin and learn! Kids play and sing with 5 songs to teach language the most effective way, with movement!