T-light Diet! its a 3 day on 4 day off kind of a diet. it works soo great! i lost 5 pounds withing the first week! its pretty easy and cheap! i lost 5 pounds without exercising at all! Do it! you wont regret it!

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Everybody wants to get rid of fat quickly, cheap and with no effort. Well, here is how to get rid of belly fat cells with ice.

Deposited and unnecessary fats stored on the stomach area are unwanted by most of the people. Unfortunately, belly fat transforms the way your body looks like; your clothes simply don& fit you any…

7 Ways To Look Better By Spring Break... BEST PIN I'VE EVER PINNED

7 Ways To Look Better By Spring Break

Beginner Cross Fit Workout! omg this workout was not easy but it felt so good!!

Barry's Bootcamp-Inspired Abs, Butt, and Core Workout

12 Turbocharged Fat-Fighting Secrets - We asked three top pros how they ditch extra pounds in a hurry.

to wear one someday and be ok with that.


I wanna feel good in a bikini for the first time in my LIFE this spring break and summer!

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Want to get on the fast track to better results? Here are some surprisingly effective ways to boost your calorie burn.