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Swinggggg! One of the things that I miss most about childhood.

A swing is a beautiful thing. Inspired by Val of www.theredballoon...

What is better than morning at the ocean? A sing in the morning at the ocean!

The wedding will be simply, yet beautiful. My perfect wedding will be laced with greenery, where I don't have to worry about the extreme cost and my guest can feel free to smile and laugh. After all a wedding is a celebration of life - for a new life now shared by two people who love each other so much. That is a perfect wedding.

The grown-up guide to playful living

Want to sit here right now!

This reminds me of the old rope in Turtle Bay. Stupid safety laws ruined it for future generations. So lucky we had the chance to experience it :)

I remember swings like theses...Life was so different back in the day...

The beauty of youth! It is the simple things in life that light up your heart.

Wheel swing...this so reminds me of my daddy paul's swing in his backyard. i would twist around until my hair would tangle in the rope.

Palm tree swing, beach girl by the ocean water in the sand. For MORE beachy things FOLLOW

I once won an award for jumping in Jump Rope for the Heart. This pic should inspire me to take up the habit again.