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When they treat you badly, use you, take you for granted, and you walk away, you are not a have self respect

Thank you father God for opening my eyes to a situation that was wrong with an ugly man and giving me my gorgeous G a strong as steel marriage and the most amazing little boy ever! To you I am thankful I don't live everyday in the same mess of a life they do!

So true-always treat others how you want to be treated-it doesn't matter what others have done to you, but what you give to others that matters the most. true is this? I need to remember this when tested:)

simple as thatfrom simple as that

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Pretty deep thought.. never thought of it this way. I like it. We need to be sure we are that person in someone's life as well.

Think about it. Why would you surround yourself with people who bring you down? Inspire each other.