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  • Mollie Catherine

    Real friends don't count chromosomes. Children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities inspire me so much. I love them. <3

  • stephanie amick

    Real friends don't count chromosomes <3 Sweetest thing ever.

  • Amanda Fritts

    brought me to tears ♥ this is amazing children and adults with disabilities are gods special angels. they have feelings to and they r so sweet this just touched my heart i have a cousins little boy who is special needs and i love him more and more everyday because he is AWESOME!!!!!!

  • ArtsAccess Australia

    Images of 2 siblings pulling faces & holding cards that say: My name's Josh and I'm 18 years old. This is my best friend & big sister Grace. Some say I have a disability. Grace says I have a ability that maybe jealous of. The ability to love unconditionally, be non judgmental. And I'm NOT afraid to be ME. I have down syndrome. I have a extra chromosome. Grace says 'real friends don't count chromosomes'. People sometimes use really mean words but a LOT of people love me. (continues)

  • Sharon Clifton

    Inspiring. I have always had a special place in my heart for folks with Down's Syndrome. I love this. And the big sis is a sweetie!

  • Lynette Corder

    Down Syndrome: "real friends don't count chromosomes" So sweet <3

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