Oh how true this is. My time is valuable and will not be wasted.

simple. true.

This couldn't be anymore true!

"Never loose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who dosen't care about losing you." -Lessons Learned in Life :)

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Maybe because you deserve more....


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Need to remember this

anyone who would take advantage of my weakness doesn't deserve my strengths ...Tom should pin this

I have to tell myself this a lot, because I have always had trouble feeling like I was enough. Thanks Jess! This brightened my day :)

From the depths of the heart, the mouth speaks

Forgetting & Learning...absolutely!

This is seriously my favorite quote on my whole board right now. This is so true and sad because its a painful realization. Means a lot to me right now.

I remember when my good friends sent this to me one morning while i was dealing with a nasty break-up!

something to remember

so true

I deserve so much better than you.. and I'm so much happier now that I've figured that out. (:

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