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True except for the traffic laws for me. Still know those, just ignore a couple sometimes. -Truest Facts Ever


Oh, the dreaded man cold!!!

There should be a button on the mouse that sends an electrical shock if reply all is clicked.

I'm sorry, but this is hilarious!!!

When men say they help out around the house, it really means, 'I once put a dirty towel in the laundry basket.' Truth

Here's to Friday... oh, that's right, we're parents. Friday means nothing anymore.

5 DEADLY TERMS Used By A Woman: 1. FINE: This is the word women use to end an argument when she knows she is right and you need to shut up. 2. NOTHING: Means something and you need to be worried. 3. GO AHEAD: This is a dare, not permission, do not do it. ... Wood Sign $37.50 LOL. Be warned, Gentlemen! (Tho Im betting most of you already know the deal :-)

TRUE!! somebody really knows there stuff with this one.

Bahahahaha...might have to use this one next time :-P

Funny Wedding Ecard: If at first you don't succeed try doing it the way your wife told you!

Hon, I know where we keep everything in the house. I live here, remember? Said no husband ever.