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  • Patsy Hinely

    Whether you call them math notebooks or math journals, writing about math and documenting math activities are a great way to cement mathematical...FAB "how to" create the notebooking idea- super grate for math at all grades- must handle this soon! MamaPat get it going!

  • Maria Clifford

    Interactive notebook ideas for math writing

  • Nishi Crook

    Math Notebooking- Wonderful Math Ideas!

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Equivalent Fractions..has a short lesson, then has a story about equivalent fractions!

While students are working problems, walk around the room with a handful of green pens. When someone finishes the problems correctly, they get a green star and a green pen. Now they are qualified to coach and star papers for other students, and so on, until everyone is done.

This "I CAN" Math game covers all standards for MEASUREMENT in 4th grade. Perfect for Guided Math & Test Prep! {Common Core} With QR codes! Paid

Score sheets, a deck of cards, and pencils are all that are needed for this fun decimal place value game!

Learn how to play our Adding Fractions Bump Games and get your FREE copy of this set at You'll receive 2 different bump games to help students practice adding fractions with like and unlike denominators.

Math = Love: Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Foldable

Teaching With a Mountain View: Anchor Charts

Math games to learn facts using a deck of cards....lots of different game suggestions here.

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Math Review Folder I love this idea, but I want one for fifth grade.

Bulls-eye! 4th Grade Division Activities: players receive 4 cards and use any combo of operations to try and reach target number. First player with target number receives a point. Winner is first student with 3 points.

Want a fun, no-prep multiplication facts game to use in your math centers tomorrow? Read about how we've "mathified" the squares game and get your FREE printable copy at

A game for 2 or 3 players. Each player chooses a colored pencil they will use in the game. Players take turns rolling the dice, using the numbers that they rolled to draw the perimeter of a rectangle or square & writing the area in the middle of the shape. Game ends when players run out of room to draw. Winner is the player who has used the largest area/most squares.

Working with fractions and get up and move. Fun idea!

Converting Mixed Numbers To Improper Fractions...super cool!

Jumbled Operations game - A great challenge multiplication or other operations!

Foster a concrete understanding of fractions with this engaging, hands-on resource that your students will LOVE! $

Percents, Decimals, Fractions and a Freebie! Use Skittles to create a circle graph. Then trace to make a visual for this tricky concept!

Interactive Math Notebook Mega-Bundle - All 4th grade math Common Core Standards are included. It is 503 pages and comes with the complete set of my (5) individual interactive notebooks for the whole year. It includes interactive pages, along with vocabulary, helpful hints, picture examples and more. $

4th Grade Book Recommendations~ This list from This Lunch Rox, is a great place to start when stocking a classroom library or encouraging a reluctant reader to try a new book.

The 4th Grade May-niacs: Lines and Angles...I love that there is a foldable and she include dot paper to help them create the lines and angles. Great Idea!

Finding angles in our names. I Like the idea in this pin, but I would have the students look for angles in the shapes using their protractors. I would initially give the students words like "Adam" to find the angles since there are many. Then I would allow the students to pick their own word, draw it, color the angles different colors, then measure and label.

complimentary angles (this is a great way to help students remember complimentary angles)

4th grade math worksheets slide show - Worksheets and Activities - Measuring angles with a protractor | GreatSchools

Area and Perimeter Interactive Notebook with 15 hands-on activities!