A Quarter-Life Crisis Girl's Reading List

A reading guide for surviving your quarter-life crisis

Hesitant to get into YA? Or do you love YA books and want to dip into Adult? Check out my new "guide" to "CROSSOVER" books to bridge the gap between YA and Adult! // Infographic

30 Books to Read By 30

One of the best books for ALL Christian women to read!

The Quarter-Life Crisis Reading List - Reading recommendations for twenty-something women who need to get out of a funk or just want to feel better about life | eastandblog.com

summer reading list flow chart, any of these would be an excellent choice! Lots of choices...many already have been read....:)

80 Books For Your Booklist. I love reading but there's something about colder temperatures that especially makes me hunger for a good book to cozy up with under a blanket. A while ago, I queried about favorite books and got an amazing response. I've finally had a chance to organize the list; here are 80 books for your booklist. I've included quoted commentary + multiple votes since I find that helpful in figuring out where to start.

21 Books You Wish Would Never End, So You Could Read Them Forever | Bustle

15 Books You Can’t Put Down I have only read 8 of these, but the other 7 are on my to read list!

Best Books for a #Girlboss | The Reading List for Women Entrepreneurs @katiemarissa

books to movies

true fact


I've died and gone to heaven! It's like Pandora for books! You enter the book title or author and it gives you other books similar to that!!!

100 books every woman should read

I do this all the time :)

Books find me.

And you can never own too many books

2014 Must Read Books this summer - These look like light, easy reading.

Thank you Buzzfeed. My booklist for this year. 21 Books To Read Before They Hit The Big Screen In 2015