confetti filled balloons

Put Confetti in Clear Balloons PLUS 6 other Party Hacks

Confetti balloon

DIY Summer Party: Easy and Cleaver Ideas For Fantastic Summer Party, Light Up The Party with LED Balloons

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Minnie and Mickey Mouse Hats

The weather would be so kind, you could spend the night outside watching a movie

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Pompones y Bolas Papel Nido de Abeja

This website seriously has the cutest party supplies I have ever seen! And at a very reasonable price.Bright Chevron Ice Cream Spoons

DIY Palm Leaf Balloons #diy

To get balloons to hang upside down, just put a marble inside before blowing them up

Ice cream balloons for a little girls birthday party! How creative!

confetti filled balloon

cute dessert display. loving the bow theme, the confetti and the overall color palette!

@Gabriela Wäfler Leyva those is what I was telling you about. They are like $200 but I'm sure very easy to make

Kids birthday...fill bedroom up with ballons while sleeping so when they wake up all they see is the ballons

Photobooth props. Before I die, I will have a photo booth at one of my parties, whether it be legit or a DIY kind of thing. I just love them!

DIY Pom-Pom Balloons, by Design Improvised

Fill, Inflate + Enjoy! This DIY Confetti Balloon Kit contains twelve clear 11 balloons, one packet of White/Metallic confetti, and instructions. We