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Shirokovsky (pseudo-pallasite), meteorwrong of unknown origin (man made). Not a meteorite, but strongly resembles a stony-iron space rock. This full slice is approx. 40 grams and is less than 2mm thick. It has some transparent crystals when held up to a bright light. Most of the other non-metallic inclusions are opaque. From the Galactic Stone Collection, not for sale.

Fresh unclassified stony meteorite from Morocco. This specimen is not for sale, but I have hundreds of other meteorites available for collectors. #meteorites #meteorit #meteorito #meteoryt #meteor #tektite

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The DIY Romantic Star Projector — Final Frame

Kenneth was walking around the castle, no place in mind when he comes upon this room and he pushed open the door all the way. "Wow." He gasps pulling his sleeve back down as he enters the room. (Open)

SAU 001 meteorite, early recovery whole stone, 2.13 grams - - #meteorite #meteorites #space #asteroid #planetaryscience #meteoritics