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    11/15/12 My 5 year old granddaughter, Calle, is in Children's Hospital with a brain tumor they just found tonight. WE NEED YOUR PRAYERS, please... If you can find it in your heart, please re-pin this to call for as many prayers as we can for our little girl. Please. We can't have anything happen to her...

    Pallasite meteorite. This stony-iron meteorite is often called "celestial stained glass", and from this photo it is easy to see why. One of the most beautiful things in the Solar System.

    Lunar meteorite. One of the rarest types of meteorites and one of the most difficult to identify. Lunar meteorites strongly resemble terrestrial breccia rocks and they are metal poor, so they do not react to metal detectors. Notice the outer surface is covered in a brownish fusion crust. Lunar meteorites often have a distinctive crust that is different from other meteorites. These meteorites were blasted off the surface of the Moon millions of years ago by a massive asteroid impact.

    Libyan Desert Glass - Meteorite Impact Glass from Ancient Libya and Egypt. Asking price is $10. Use coupon code "pinterest" at checkout for 20% off.

    USA Meteorite Kit - 150 Years of American Meteorites, 12 Stones from 7 States. This kit contains a dozen different meteorites from seven different states in the USA. These meteorites represent a broad sampling of American history and meteorites, from the 1860 witnessed fall of New Concord Ohio (that reportedly struck and killed a horse!) to dry lake beds in the Nevada desert in 21st century. Asking price is $60. Use coupon code "pinterest" for 20% off. :)

    Early Saharan Meteorite Collector Kit - This lot was selected to give a broad range of the oldest Saharan meteorites from the NWA region. In addition, you also get a witnessed fall and eleven different types (including some rare types). So this makes an ideal starter collection for not only NWA/Sahara collectors, but type collectors as well. All of these meteorite were found during the earliest days of the Saharan Gold Rush. Asking price is $60. Use coupon code "pinterest" for 20% OFF.

    Texas Meteorite Collector Kit - A half-dozen meteorites from six different counties in the great state of Texas (Castro, De Witt, Fayette, Moore, Randall, Travis). Asking price is $35. See this link for details and ordering. Use coupon code "pinterest" for 20% off. :)

    Rare Astronaut Collectible Auction closing soon! - Neil Armstrong Apollo Moon Landing Tribute Display with genuine Moon Rock sample. A fitting tribute to the man who walked who few ever dared. Would make an ideal holiday gift for that person who has everything, or grew up in the Apollo era. :)

    My website - Galactic Stone and Ironworks

    Koltsovo meteorite thin-section under cross-polarized light. Used with permission.

    One of my old meteorite displays. It was originally a storage tower for DVD's, but I modified it and bolted it to a wall. On display were about 100 different meteorite and tektite localities.

    Czech Moldavite - gorgeous green impact glass.

    Recent meteorite falls from the 21st century. Dates, places, types, and more.

    Shirokovsky (pseudo-pallasite), meteorwrong of unknown origin (man made). Not a meteorite, but strongly resembles a stony-iron space rock. This full slice is approx. 40 grams and is less than 2mm thick. It has some transparent crystals when held up to a bright light. Most of the other non-metallic inclusions are opaque. From the Galactic Stone Collection, not for sale.

    Thomas Jefferson was rumored to comment on the Weston meteorite fall of 1807 : "I should sooner believe that Yankee professors should lie than that stones should fall from heaven". Jefferson never actually said that, and nobody is sure where the erroneous quote came from. At any rate, stones do indeed fall from heaven.

    Gorgeous Moldavite from the Czech Republic. Associated with the ancient meteorite impact event that created the Ries Crater. From the Galactic Stone Collection. Not for sale.

    Large unclassified meteorite from the Saharan Desert (likely Morocco or Algeria). Typical wind-polished desert varnish, small patches of remnant fusion crust, weathering cracks, and an overall pleasant patina and aesthetic. Probable equilibrated H-chondrite type. From the Galactic Stone Collection. Not for sale.

    Rare carbonaceous meteorite (CK5, Karoonda-type). NWA 6026 main mass before cutting, 133 grams. Outer surface in this photo is covered by secondary crust and slickensides. Other surfaces show primary fusion crust and contraction cracks. From the Galactic Stone Collection. Not for sale.

    A large piece of Libyan Desert Glass. Not for sale.

    An alien head formed from a large Campo del Cielo iron meteorite. A very unusual piece. Not mine and not for sale.

    Polished and etched slice of Brenham pallasite. Not for sale.

    Udei Station. Silicated iron meteorite. Not for sale.

    Polished slice of Brenham pallasite meteorite. Not for sale.

    Slice of etched Seymchan siderite meteorite. Not for sale.