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      Shirokovsky (pseudo-pallasite), meteorwrong of unknown origin (man made). Not a meteorite, but strongly resembles a stony-iron space rock. This full slice is approx. 40 grams and is less than 2mm thick. It has some transparent crystals when held up to a bright light. Most of the other non-metallic inclusions are opaque. From the Galactic Stone Collection, not for sale.

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    Red Phantom Quartz Quartz crystal with iron oxide inclusions. Locality:Iron Blow, Mt. Lyell, Tasmania, Australia.

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    Diogenite meteorite. This stony achondrite type originates from the deep mantle zone of asteroid Vesta. It consists of pyroxene and plagioclase crystals embedded in a rocky host matrix. Diogenites can vary greatly in appearance. This specimen is a fresh example of the Johnstown meteorite fall.

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    Gorgeous Moldavite from the Czech Republic. Associated with the ancient meteorite impact event that created the Ries Crater. From the Galactic Stone Collection. Not for sale.