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    DIY tips! All you need are 2 cinder blocks and 4 2x4's. How easy!

    What can you do to help your family prepare for tornado season?

    You know how it is - you have decided you are going to make that dessert for a party, but you have forgotten the sweetened condensed milk. What to do....go to the store to grab it or run to your pantry and grab a couple of quick things and make it yourself! It seriously only takes a few minutes!

    Mom with a PREP | When the power goes out, can you still cook supper? Off-Grid Alternatives for Every Day Kitchen Tools

    How to build external nest boxes for your chicken coop

    What can you do with those leftover bits of vegetables sitting in your fridge? Or what about that little bit of dehydrated vegetable at bottom of your mason jar? You don't want to throw out all that goodness...but what can you do with it? Why...make vegetable powder, of course! I will show you just how it easy it is on Mom with a PREP!

    Mom with a PREP | Toothpaste dots were an idea someone came up with awhile back to have toothpaste on hand for camping and hiking. You have seen them all over Pinterest, right? They take up little space, are almost weightless, are better than packing a tube of toothpaste that will inevitably burst and put toothpaste over the entire contents of your bag, no matter how many layers of plastic you have encased it in (Murphy's Law). But do they really work?

    Harvesting and using horseradish for both culinary and medicinal purposes is a quick and easy process that also keeps the plant from taking over the garden.

    DIY Cedar Smokehouse

    It's time to change out your emergency car kit!! Refresh those supplies, switch out seasonal gear, and make sure you have all you need! /// Mom with a PREP

    Learn to Can at home with this awesome DVD from Kendra Lynne of New Life on a Homestead. I tried it out for you - and here's my review | Mom with a Prep

    150 Reasons to prepare for life -- life stories and comments by women who are trying to be more prepared for their families @ Momwithaprep

    Self Reliant Kids - teach your children how to use tools properly, then have them help create fall decorations like this DIY Pumpkin Patch @ MomwithaPREP.

    Think that freezing mushrooms is impossible? Thing again! You can do it and extend the possibilities of your food storage! Come learn how at

    Mom with a PREP | Love pumpkin and want to use it all year long? Learn how to roast, puree, dehydrate, rehydrate pumpkin + a make your own pumpkin pie smoothie recipe!

    You can make nutritious and whole grained meals and flours without having to buy them from a grocery store! Grind your own! How to make your own Cornmeal from Dehdyrated Corn and/or Popcorn from Mom with a PREP!

    Are you ready for a softer, kindler, gentler side to prepper fiction? Check this great list of prepper fiction by women!

    How to Dehydrate Kale for Making Kale Chips or Kale Powder - fabulous method to preserve kale well past the season! // Mom with a PREP

    Gardener’s October To-Do List Everything that needs to be done in the dirt this month, wherever you live.

    This is so incredibly easy, why have I not tried it before?!?! #atthemovies #popcorn