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15 minutes of fame ... and counting: Westport Arts Center celebrates Warhol

Amanda Burns, curator of Vintage Virtuoso, a vintage clothing shop in Westport, poses with Lohne of Wantaugh, N.Y., center, wearing an authentic suit from the late 1960s, and Larry Ellman, of Westport, Saturday at the Warhol Ball. Photo: Meg Barone / Westport News freelance

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Infografico sobre antes e depois da web para os assessores de imprensa e profissionais de RP .
Les 7 principes des entreprises innovantes.

[Infographie] Les 7 principes des entreprises les plus innovantes

7 Pro Web Design Tips That Will Make You More Money

Want to make money with your blog or small business website? Your first step is to make sure your design is marketing friendly, not just pretty to view. These 7 website design tips will help. Click to read:

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Increase your newsletter open rate

Whether you are still building your awesome email list of followers or you already have them, it’s important to cater to the visual people too. Great content is the key by all means, but having people visually recognize you is just as important. I know some people don’t care for fancy designs in their newsletter emails and don't mind plain text, but there are those other people, like me, that are more visually inclined, you want them to instantly connect that email with your brand.