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  • Michelle Turner

    Banana clips! I loved these hair clips.

  • Danielle Bockus

    Banana Clips... my big hair ALWAYS got stuck in them! :/

  • Sarah Edwards

    Banana clips! A must have hair accessory in the late 80's! wish I could still find them

  • Jae Zee

    Banana clips! Oh my gosh, my hair looked so cute in these. I sure do miss the hairstyles from the 80s. I had the perfect 80 hair!

  • Haylee Black

    Banana clips! #80s #90s #bananaclip #hair

  • Amy Allen

    childhood memories

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I used to glue feathers on these and had a ribbon hanging from it with beads on it. I sold them for $2-$3 each and made a bunch of money! My Mom made me a mini entrepreneur when I was 11!

This is the only kind of pony tail holder my mom could use in our hair. We had tons of different colors and then she tied a yarn ribbon around each tail! Our yarn came from Pinkie's Ben Franklin in Ranchmart!

I always used the pink and white can...all through High School!!! Couldn't live without it!!! lol

wore this a lot! 80's Banana Clips - 80's Womens Hair Clips Accessories -

Banana Clips- My hair never looked so stylish. The trick was to pull your hair back so tight that your eyes would water and you would get a headache. Then you had it just right. But don't forget to backcomb those bangs, girl!

Banana Clips THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVES from the 80's. if i i could find some banana clips i would still wear them! I loved my hair banana clipped!!!

Sun In - didn't work very well on brunettes, even if you used an entire bottle on your friend's hair. Not that I know or anything...

my mom used Aqua-Net hairspray on her bouffant-do back then

80's....Long legs+stirrup pants=Me constantly hoping I was avoiding plummers butt if I had to bend over. But it was all good as long as I had my 2 alternate colored pairs of socks on OVER my stirrup pants. LOL

Banana combs!!! I used to wear these, but hated them because they'd pop open! Hair was too thick! - Sheena