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Excellent Reader's Workshop Mini Lessons sorted by grade level

Reader's Workshop Mini Lessons on launching workshop sorted by grade level. It's ABSOLUTELY amazing. The district has a map of lessons. Seriously it is THE best readers workshop resource I have found! Writers workshop too.

Back when I taught 4th grade, we used to have a "Literary LUnch Bunch!"  Literary Lunch Bunches Foster Love of Reading and area aligned with Common Core Speaking and Listening standards! Learn how to implement a fun variation of Literature Circles and download a free Lunch Bunch Preparation Bookmark.

Literary Lunch Bunches Foster Love of Reading

Corkboard Connections: Literary Lunch Bunches Foster Love of Reading Fun Book Club during Lunch

Ideas By Jivey: For the Classroom: Workshop Wednesday: Response to Literature {FREEBIES!!}

Workshop Wednesday: Response to Literature {FREEBIES!} Teaching students to record their thinking as they read on post it notes. Three levels of notes, and learning to "write long" in their journals from the post it notes.

differentiated reader response cards, just print and glue. Free Google Doc file. Create different questions for different students or groups of students to challenge them at their own level.

Reader's Response with Sticky Notes

differentiated reader response cards, kids will never know AND a video tutorial about printing on sticky notes!

A short video on Idioms that is great for upper grades. The definitely keep you guessing! Hilarious!!

A fantastic, funny video illustrating some of the curious idioms we hear and use on a daily basis.gives the very literal meaning of each! Have kids choose an idiom after watching the video and research it's meaning, history, etc.