DC pillow

Kentucky Embroidered Pillow

Texas embroidered pillow

Tennessee embroidered pillow

Typography Metro System Map Posters. Also San Francisco, NYC & Chicago

new york city pillow $149 LOVE!

Washington DC

Texas Embroidered Pillow

I love this beautiful hand-embroidered Louisiana pillow...especially since Tech made it on there! They're made my Cat Studio, and they have them for all the states, plus certain cities, countries, and even national parks. They're awesome!!

Fort Worth


Great Lakes Pillow

NEW State Pillow! Show your state pride! #homeiswheretheheartis @luluandgeorgia

San Francisco

Catstudio embroidered WI pillow

NJ Pillow

Virginia pillow.Love Virgina, one of our most beautiful States! So much to see and do in Virgina. Our family ancestors came to America from England through this state and then it divided into West Virgina. Love Virginia Beach, visting Colonial Willaimsburg, Jamestown and the Plantations. Such a picturesque drive espessially through the Shenandoah Valley .


Ohio pillow

California Embroidered Pillow