Use a 100 piece puzzle to count up to the 100th day of school. Put it together first and number the pieces on the back and glue on poster board. My kinders will LOVE this!!

100th Day of School compare/contrast bulletin board using students' "100 items" #prekindergarten #prek

100th day

Count and Link at Lakeshore Learning

Love this bulletin board!!

Mrs. Kelly's Kindergarten: literacy work stations

100th day of school activities

Question of the Day Calendar..small paper cups, a backboard to hold them, and numbered pieces of tissue paper to cover them. Could do a writing prompt for each day... Love the idea for Christmas countdown - or to let each person know why you are thankful for them for Thanksgiving - with a note for each day! Could be an Advent calender activity.

Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!: 100th Day of School Lots of great ideas for centers, etc.

First Signs Poster – Say It In Sign

I love every single thing about this activity. It gets the kids physically involved in learning how numbers work together. This is a thing of beauty!

Great board idea! Why did I not think of this?

For the 100th Day of School. Put number stickers on the bottom of each kiss. Hide in the room. Give each child a bag to place what they find. Then they match to the chart.

Homework Club display! if an assignment is not turned in, students will flip their number around and then, at the end of the month, those still facing forward are in the Homework Club! This pack with awards and tons of stuff to start a Homework Club is available on TpT! @Madison Capps @Courtney Burnett @Vanessa Swanner Watkins @Jenn Keller

Counting activity using a geoboard

good idea

Random Acts of Kindness Board. ❤

100th Day of School Shirt with Bow make with students next year

Math Routine to begin class.