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Too ridiculous for bridesmaid dresses? Rachael E Lilly Not at all. But Christina Hill might be pissed that you are stealing her Doctor Who themed wedding. We already have the face of Bo booked. ;-)

Victorian TARDIS dress cosplay

Normally, women don't want a dress that makes them look bigger on the inside.

Loveliest TARDIS dress design I've ever seen... Someone needs to make this a reality! - Ok, I don't know who designed this, but it's about to become my Doctor Who cosplay for SDCC this year. For reals.

You can find the artist here:

This is cosplayer Sasha Trabane sporting a TARDIS dress with the TARDIS interior cleverly painted by Andy Coyle in a fabric inset.

Put the geek into wedding chic with a TARDIS themed dress!

Doctor Who. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

TARDIS Ballgown - omg this is amazing!

Even if this were not Doctor Who related, I would have liked the art...having a TARDIS in it is just icing on the cake!! :)

And people would be like "whaat?" and I'd be like"walk away. If you don't unrest and, you don't deserve to know."

oh my dalek! (hehe, i just used dalek as an expletive! win!) Katie Reed CRAFT DAY