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my husband would obsess over this for weeks if he saw it in real life



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Bathroom Sign


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19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane

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Completely ruined. New piece of paper immediately.

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All this energy!

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Well played, Google. LOL

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first world problems...

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Omg, I love these! @Lacey Jones

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point made.

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Dreamer Forever

Local Dreamer


Support your local dreamer. Pinned by Tracy Gardner; created by Janie2049 on


Evil floor designer

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OMG I would kill someone

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I hate those!

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How do you call this?

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This is another hilarious funny picture from the house of funny. Click the picture to see even more funny stuff! Picture 40 of 51 from gallery

Fixed it, OCD style.

Fixed it, OCD style.

Fixed it, OCD style.

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ocd!! People think its cool when you are organized but they have no idea how much time and frustration one goes through getting everything "in its right place." lol Love this!

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We don't have dates very often

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OCD at its finest...thata boy!!


Every time.

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story of my life

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