Simon Baker

Simon Baker... The Mentalist <3 Charmeur, drôle, canon,.... "Just perfect" encore une fois !

Simon Baker

simon baker GENTLEMEN

Simon Baker, Australian actor

Simon Baker

Simon Baker

Simon Baker - Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

Simon Baker - oh yes, I love "The Mentalist"!

The Mentalist

Full View (Photo: Reuters / ) Australian actor Simon Baker signed a ...

Simon Baker - The Mentalist

Simon Baker- loved him in...uh, what was I saying??

Simon Baker--The sexiest man alive, I think. I started a new board just so I could post this picture!

Simon Baker

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<3 The Mentalist..oh that smile Patrick Jane...

Simon Baker. Seen him in The Mentalist (which is awesome by the way)

Nothing better than an attractive man, with a Australian accent! Simon Baker is SOO cute!

Simon Baker (The Mentalist)