The great escape

A Libyan revolutionary fighter runs for cover while attacking pro-Gadhafi forces in Sirte, Libya, Oct. 2011 (Manu Brabo/AP) Photographer Manu Brabo. AP Photographer and 2013 Pulitzer Prize winner for Breaking News Photography Manu Brabo. Manu Brabo was born in Spain in 1981.

A woman passes a boy sleeping in a box on the streets of San Salvador. 1970's photo by Cornell Capa

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The Kiss Of Life by Rocco Morabito, 1968 Pulitzer Prize.“I heard screaming. I looked up and I saw this man hanging down. Oh my God. I didn’t know what to do. The linemen. Randall Champion, is dangling upside down in his safety belt — felled bv 4,160 volts of electricity. “I took a picture right quick.” another lineman was running toward the pole. Cradling the stricken lineman in his arms, Thompson rhythmically pushes air into Champion’s lungs. he lived, amazing story and picture.

Boy reports to the commander of the 11th squad 3rd Leningrad Partisan Brigade G.V. Gvozdev about the location the Germans.

Sebastiao Salgado, Refugees in the Korem camp Ethiopia, 1984

Award winning photo showing a iraqi man comforts his son at a holding center for prisoners of war in An Najaf, Iraq, 31 March 2003. AP photographer Jean-Marc Bouju has won the 2003 World Press Photo of the Year competition. Jean-Marc won also the 1995 Pulitzer Prize in Feature Photography and the 1999 Pulitzer Prize in Spot News Photography.

1989 Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography This picture, published in the St. Louis Post, is of a firefighter giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to a child pulled from a burning building. Ron Olshwanger

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The Power of One by Oded Balilty

A boy in Nepal being evicted from his home

Starving Boy and Missionary

Pulitzer Prize Winning Photography | Photojournalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Marissa Roth ...

Harold Whittles hears for the first time ever after a doctor places an earpiece in his left ear.

1974. A Pulitzer Prize winning photograph, a Vietnam war veteran reunited with his family after being a prisoner of war for nearly a decade. Amazing moment captured.