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  • Thomas Orrell

    Identity Construction on Facebook | Claudi Nir - A photography essay, on how we construct identities though the use of Facebook, and how the one we create isn't alway who we are in real life, additionally how the use of photography on social media allows us to construct a identity, through using a profile image to allow them to create a identity on the site

  • Princess MV

    my life is awesome with or without facebook....haha, I miss reading the news feed for comedy, drama, and real issues. I miss the conversations but as I transition for my 30 day detox and figure out what is to come this year, im loving every minute someone says "get back on Facebook, I miss the Princess quotes and funnies". melts my heart. see you guys in February! ;)

  • Paco Olavarrieta

    I did it with my profile pic and so did you!

  • Nicole Helmus

    Social networking creates an image of what someone wants to be. This image can be completely different of what your image truly is based on what society says it should be.

  • Social Catapult - Social Media Marketing

    The Facebook version of you, and the real version of you! True?! #SocialMedia #Funny #Facebook

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Meh! My new Facebook status! LOL, this totally remindes me of someone!

THIS INCREDIBLE PIXELATED SCULPTURE QUESTIONS THE NATURE OF IDENTITY IN AN INCREASINGLY DIGITAL WORLD. AND IT’S JUST A MIND-FRACK. this is such an interesting project exploring the blurred lines between our online and offline identities

there has to be a way to modpodge something like this - would be really cute with kids pictures Robert Heinecken, Fractured figure sections (1967)

I think this would be good in either J's man cave, or to do PD's bathroom around. I'm not a huge fan of the licensed Star Wars stuff, but I can get behind this.