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Back in our old quarters in the Training Center, I’m the one who suggests the public marriage proposal. Peeta agrees to do it but then disappears to his room for a long time. Haymitch tells me to leave him alone. ” I thougt he wanted it, anyway”.I say. “Not like this”,Haymitch says “He wanted it to be real”. This right here, definition of heartbreak.

EW Hunger Games Portrait- EW took this amazing photo of our Hunger Games Tributes and Prim at Comic Con, with the theme of “the fallen”. It’s so sad and beautiful at the same

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My children, who don't know they play on a graveyard |Mockingjay Part 2 - Epilogue /// THIS EDIT IS AMAZING!!!!

Not that I think Katniss would ever have not volunteered, because she and Prim have a relationship similar to that of my sister and me, but maybe if she wasn't allowed to volunteer.

The Hunger Games- makes me seriously cry, even though some of them were right horrendous tributes...

"Well, I don´t have much competition here" "You don´t have much competition anywhere" Katniss & Peeta The Hunger Games

Peeta: “You’re so..pure.” Katniss: “I am not! I’ve been practically ripping your clothes off every time there’s been a camera!” Peeta: “I mean, for the Capitol, you’re pure. For me, you’re perfect.” This should have been in the movie