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Come play with us, Danny...for evah and evah and evah....

“Well, there’s no more to drink, and then there’s, um…well…erm…I think we’ll be going.

9 Reasons To Bring Back Cocktail Parties  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/27/reasons-to-bring-back-cocktail-parties_n_4860344.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000063

9 Reasons To Bring Back Cocktail Parties (PHOTOS)

how to make toasted marshmallow shot glasses

How To Make Marshmallow Shot Glasses

smokey bear praying to help people be careful

Hoosier National Forest - Just for Kids

Fun Shots

bachelorette party game: quiz the bride with questions about the groom (that he provides). for each answer wrong, she takes a shot. for each answer right, she hands one out. Need to do this at my bachelorette party! Or party game!

Perfect hostess table --- Multiple layers!

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