How to Give a Vodka Party, 1959.

Vintage cocktail party

Party Perfect 1959. By Gay Head (yes, that's her name)

9 Reasons To Bring Back Cocktail Parties

It’s Time For A Vintage Tiki Party!

Tiffany Blue Cosmopolitan: 1.5 oz vodka, 0.5 oz blue curaçao, 2.5 oz white cranberry juice, Squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Shake & strain into martini glass. Finish the look with a white ribbon around the stem :)

Peach Bellini: a combination of peaches, champagne, vodka and peach schnapps.

The Calvert Party Encyclopedia by worldofmateo, via Flickr

How to Make Vodka Finely distilled vodka may also be further purified and refined by treatment with activated carbon and other materials. Vodka is usually not aged and can be made from grains, potatoes, sugars, fruits, and just about anything else that can be fermented to produce alcohol. This makes vodka an economical spirit that can be made easily in a short amount of time from readily available materials. Steps Tips...

Hazelnut Truffle Cocktail

Oscar Night Smash | Camille Styles // pear vodka, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, sugar rim, raspberries

Blackberry Vodka Sangria Cocktail Recipe |

Marshmallow vodka #Vodka #TopVodkaBrands

Red Apple drink recipe with Smirnoff Green Apple Flavored Vodka and cranberry juice.


Love the evening dresses - especially the soft blue one with it's darling rose corsage - in this wonderful 1948 Coke ad

vanilla, pear and vodka cocktail

The Frenchy Cocktail: pear vodka, pineapple juice, & cranberry juice

Cozy up this fall with one of these seasonal beverages! {1} This Girl Walks Into A Bar Blueberry Cinnamon Whiskey Cocktail {2} A Beautiful Mess Peppermint White Russian {3} The Blond Cook Spiced Pumpkin Cocktail {4} Two Tarts Vanilla, Pear and Vodka Cocktail {5} What Katie Ate Apple, Ginger and …