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  • jo-an

    dandelion buds

  • Nick Britsky

    Trying something different in your martini with DIY Dandelion Capers. Wow!

  • Anastacia M

    Quick Pickled Dandelion Capers (Flower Buds) - Pick unopened flower buds (only from a pesticide/chemical free location), Clean them in cold water, Remove stems and sepals, BLANCH them for 2 minutes to kill bacteria/bugs and to remove some of the bitterness. In a jar, dissolve 1 Tbsp Sea Salt into 1 Cup of Vinegar then add 1 Cup of Blanched Buds and store in the fridge right away. Do not use a metal lid, it will rust. #VitaminK #Calcium #Iron

  • >^. .^<

    The Moose Curry Experience: Dandelion Capers (quick-pickled dandelion flower buds)

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